Clergy Log In Church in Wales

Statement from Bishop Gregory

following the fire at Notre Dame

The Bishop of St Asaph, the Rt Revd Gregory Cameron has issued the following statement:

“The Cathedral of Our Lady (Notre Dame) in Paris has been for centuries the focus of Christian life in France, and is much loved by visitors across the world.  Many of us are therefore aghast by its near destruction by fire.  Nevertheless, our God is a God of Resurrection and hope, and we must believe that it is possible to rebuild and rededicate this building.  Already it is clear that the guardians of Notre Dame will have the help of the French Government and the help of the world in that aspiration.  The fire perhaps challenges us all to ask whether we take for granted some of the ancient and significant places of prayer among which we live, almost without noticing, in Wales, and which bear witness to the same God of new life.”



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