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Diocesan Offering

A gift from our congregations to charity



Every year the congregations in the churches which make up the Diocese of St Asaph raise money to support a local charity.  The charity is selected by members of the Diocesan Conference and the money raised is donated at the annual conference each October.

The recipient of the 2019 Diocesan Offering will be Housing Justice Cymru which:

  • provides a national voice on Christian action on housing / homelessness
  • Campaigning and lobbying
  • Equipping local Churches
  • Raising awareness
  • Practical projects, such as the Wrexham Winter Night Shelter

At the 2018 conference, Haven of Light which works to raise awareness of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking was voted the recipient of the 2020 offering.

Nominating the next receipient

Mission Areas are invited to nominate charities for the 2021 Offering

How is the charity selected?

  • All Mission Areas are invited to nominate charities for the Offering
  • We also accept applications directly from charities providing that they are supported by a Mission Area
  • Applications are received and validated by the Diocesan Grants Committee.
  • The Grants Committee draws up a shortlist of candidates
  • A ballot is held at the Diocesan Conference – the charity gaining the most votes becomes the subject of the Diocesan Offering presentation in two years’ time.

How is the Diocesan Offering administered?

The Offering is administered at the Diocesan Office in St Asaph under the direction of the Diocesan Offering Officer. It is based on a three-year cyclical pattern:

October Year 1 October Year 2 October Year 3
Present Offering to Charity A Present Offering to Charity B Present Offering to Charity C
Launch Charity B Launch Charity C Launch Charity D
Elect Charity C Elect Charity D Elect Charity E

How is the money raised?

Donations are collected locally across the whole of the Diocese using various methods. For example, some Mission Areas make a provision in their budgets for a donation to the Offering, others organise fundraising activities or dedicate a service to the Offering.

What is the value of the Diocesan Offering?

The amount collected for the chosen charity varies from year to year and the final amount cannot be guaranteed. Historically, it is in the region of about £8,000

Who is eligible to apply?

We welcome applications from all charities, however wherever possible priority is given to charities that meet following criteria:

  • Local based charities that benefit people across the whole of the Diocese
  • Charities that focus on issues that are challenging and struggle to attract funding
  • Charities that broadly reflect the values of the Christian faith
  • Non-national charities

What is expected of the nominated charities that are shortlisted to the ballot stage?

Our ‘electorate’ (the 350+ members of the Diocesan Conference) will need to have information about all the nominated charities in advance of the ballot, applicants are therefore expected to provide a brief report, supply photographs etc.

What is expected of the charity that wins the ballot?

The charity that wins the ballot is expected to send a representative to the Diocesan Conference for two consecutive years. On the first occasion to help to launch the appeal and promote their charity and then to return the following year to accept the Offering at a brief presentation ceremony.


How to apply

  • Please use this form to make your application
  • Nominations must be supported by a Mission Area
  • A copy of the most recent accounts or financial statement must accompany your application, applications submitted without current financial information will not be shortlisted to the ballot stage
  • The closing date for the receipt of nominations is 3 May 2019

Electronic applications are preferred, please email your application.

If you are unable to submit an electronic application, please send the form to:

Diocesan Office,

High Street,

St Asaph

LL17 0RD