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Same-sex issues and the Bible

Study Resource

The Diocesan Human Sexuality group has produced resources for three Bibles studies to support the Church’s discernment process on same sex relationships.

You can download the resources from the links below:

The sessions focus on:

  • The teaching of Jesus
  • The Hebrew Bible
  • The New Testament

Each session begins with a short summary of the key issues. Group members are then introduced to biblical texts with two alternative interpretations and are invited to reflect upon and share their thoughts and feelings, in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality. Diversity of opinion is to be welcomed, without any comment or challenge from others.  Finally, participants are offered a series of questions to stimulate a wider and more general discussion of the issues raised.

These Bible Studies and their accompanying interpretations were originally produced by William Olhausen, Ginnie Kennerley and David Compton (Biblical Association for the Church of Ireland 2015) and have been adapted with permission by the Human Sexuality Group, Diocese of St Asaph (Church in Wales, 2017).

The resources include the Bible Study booklet and a facilitators guide. If you would like further information, please email Revd Alan Tiltman, Chair of the Diocesan Human Sexuality group.


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