Clergy Log In Church in Wales


Why does the Church encourage people to think about making will?

We believe that everything we have comes from God and he has an interest in how we use what we have been given. That includes how we plan for those assets to be used when we are gone. When someone dies without leaving a will, it causes unnecessary complications for their families and friends. It may also mean that their wishes are not carried out.

How are legacies part of our Christian faith?

Leaving a will means avoiding a mess when you are gone – it’s good stewardship. It may also give you the opportunity to give to your church and other charities in a way that was not possible during your lifetime.

Our churches need to plan for the future too, and consider how they will use any legacies they receive. By devising a Legacy Policy, and communicating this to the congregation, churches can reassure members of the church that any money that is left to the church will be used wisely to further the vision and mission of that church.